Your Time Makes A Difference
Volunteers fill many important roles in the work and mission of Hope House:
  • Cook, prepare and serve the evening meal and are invited to dine with the residents.
  • Assist with cleaning, laundry, errands, visiting, transportation to appointments and gardening.
  • Make minor on-site repairs.
  • Work as an office assistant to provide clerical support.
  • Help Fundraise and help with various Hope House functions and events.
  • Are Board members who provide oversight and strategic guidance to the Executive Director to ensure that Hope House is successful.
Thanks To Our Supporters
As a non-profit corporation, Hope House relies on the donated time, talent and money of its supporters.
  • The Board of Directors represents a cross-section of the community.  Through policy making and leadership, they are committed to empowering others toward the realization of our mission statement.
  • Community volunteers provide Hope House with necessary household support while offering residents physical and psycho-social support.
  • Operating expenses are only partly covered by governmental agency reimbursements.  For the rest, we depend on the generosity of faith communities, organizations, individual and memorial donations, as well as fund-raising events.
If you share our commitment and can give time, talents or money to providing dignity and love to people living with HIV/AIDS, please call us.  If you know of someone who might be interested in living at Hope House, please contact us.  We welcome your input and support.
Increase the value of your donation of MONEY or TIME:
Thousands of companies will match individual donations or award time and talent grants for your volunteer time. If your company does not offer a Matching Gift or Time and Talent Grant program, talk with the company and encourage them to do so!
Many corporations will make a donation to an organization if you volunteer a minimum number of hours (generally 20-50, depending on your company) in one year. This is a great way for a company to show that your involvement in the community is important. Check with your human resources office to obtain a time and talent grant form. Deadlines for form completion often apply. Contact your human resources department to find out if your employer issues Time and Talent Grants.